A web archive of the best Kik user tips

Kik is one of the most popular messaging platform apps around. And since it has got millions of users, you should be trying out this messaging mobile app yourself. If you are still new to using Kik, then you should know about a few tips and tricks first. Using Kik while knowing these tips and tricks can help you a lot, especially if you are still new to the app. There are some tips that can help you find Kik usernames, so you will find it easier to search for the people that you want. So if you would like to know more about using Kik, then read on.

Customizing Kik interface

If you like personalizing everything that you use, then you would love using Kik. This is because you are able to change a lot of things about the app. Go to your messenger settings page and then you can change the background and even text color of the app.

Chat with big brands

Big companies such as McDonald’s and many others have got Kik profiles. You could chat with them if you ever want to connect with your favorite big business company. These companies also offer exclusive stickers and other kinds of sweet deals on KIK too.

Changing display username

Changing you Kik display name is really easy. All you need to do is to head into your profile and tap on your username. You can then change it to something that is unique. This is a really nice feature because you can do it anytime that you want. You could also change your username if you do not want certain people to be able to find you on Kik.

Talk in groups

Just like in any messaging app, you are able to create groups in KIK. This is actually pretty useful, since you can have a fun time chatting with all of your friends in a single group. KIK also has really responsive servers, so even if a lot of people are talking in one group, everyone still reads and receives the messages at the same time. This is mainly due to the fact that KIK’s servers are incredibly fast.

Make your profile public

If you like the idea of being able to meet new people online, then there is actually a feature in Kik that lets you do just that. You are able to make your profile public and let people find you quite easily. This is a very effective way to make more friends on the internet. And it would also allow you to meet new people all of the time too!

You definitely have got to remember all of these Kik tips and tricks if you are someone that is serious about getting more friends on this social network platform. There are a lot more tricks that you can make use of in Kik, and you will only learn those if you use it for yourself. So you should not hesitate any longer, and use Kik more often. You will get more use out of it, plus you will discover more features, the more that you use this awesome mobile messaging app.