Things to Consider When Choosing Free Fonts

Whether on a text-heavy website, an infographic or a logo, typography is a flexible cum wonderful design tool that can change how people feel when they read your content. Therefore, it’s not surprising that there are many free fonts available.

Paid fonts can be very expensive, however, good, inexpensive fonts are difficult to come across, not to talk of the great ones. Though picking the perfect font for your project can take a lot of time, it is one of the most rapid ways of changing a design. From sparse to swirling, revitalized typefaces to the completely new, these fonts will assist you in building a rich typography toolkit thus enriching your future projects with no cost attached.

  • Make sure that you check the font you’re using so that it renders well across various browsers due to the fact that it can vary from one browser to the other. This has to be done at every weight you would like to use and as many sizes as feasible.
  • Majority of the fonts that are not built as “screen fonts” might be unreadable at small sizes.
  • Pay unique attention to letters that have little counters that may be filled based on the size, weight, and browsing environment.
  • If you are planning to use a web font completely throughout your site (e.g. body text) consider that you’ll require italic, regular and bold italics. If you use a free font there is every likelihood that italic won’t be included.
  • If you have downloaded free fonts and you need to change them to web fonts, ensure you have gone through the terms to be sure that you are at liberty to make use of them on a desktop and the web.

There is no wrong or right to using a free font or paying for one. It is basically dependent on your clients’ needs and your budget. In general, you have access to higher quality fonts if you buy, but there are also some great free ones too.


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