How to take your polo Armani pas cher from boring to banging

For many guys—including most guys in the corporate world—the polo Armani pas cher polo shirt is widely regarded as the unofficial top for the summer. And it’s sensible, right? When worn in a correct way, it has the ability and capacity to see you through everything ranging from meeting the family of your new girlfriend at an outdoor barbecue to a game of tennis. It’s not limited due to the fact that it works well in all places and with many of the things in your closet.

It’s not that exciting as well. Polo shirts have for a long time now occupied the space where minimal all-white sneakers and slim-cut jeans used to be: basic, but in a nice way. And like any wardrobe indispensable, every guy is in possession of one, two, or maybe more. You are most likely to blend in if everyone’s wearing something similar. Our aim is for you to stand out from the lot.

This is the reason why we were over the moon to see actor Chris Dunn look majestic in one of the better polos you can get at the moment: a navy Armani shirt that has a green and red stripe on the collar. While it doesn’t seem like a lot, that tiny bit of visual impact is very important in separating the advanced polos from the basic ones.

And luckily, many designers have bought into the tendency that you don’t need to spend the $445 Gucci is requesting for a polo shirt in order to achieve the look. (Though, it is vital to point out that you can spend much more if you wish to). Irrespective of how good it looks a super inexpensive deal may not always be worth it, however, the polo Armani pas cher polo shirts should be a major part of any man’s wardrobe due to the fact that they are a great deal.


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