Segway board vs The Hoverboard – Exploring Hoverboard History

We would soon approach the vacation period and one of the most desirable gifts commonly used by superstars and sportspersons is not allowed in some countries and have the possibility of catching fire at times. You will find the Segway board almost at every place and this article will give you an insight over what all the buzz is about.

Hoverboards – An Overview

The authors of Back to the Future II this year got their prediction wrong about hoverboards. The hoverboards produced in 2015 don’t actually float or fly. Maybe, you were looking at the hoverboards from a great distance and didn’t have a clear view of the whole thing; it might look as if the hoverboards is flying. But the true fact about it is that they are a motor-powered system that has at least one wheel which someone uses for support similar to that of Segway board which doesn’t have a pole or handlebars.

If you visit Amazon website and search for “hoverboard”. It will present to you multiple results ranging from two-wheeled boards and others like “hoverboard segway,” “segway,” and “self-balancing scooter,” just to cover all potential sources. This gives a little illustration about the mode of operation of the boards – it is similar to the way you handle a Segway by standing on it, you either lean in the forward or backward direction just to speed up or speed down.

But it is different in a way to Segway due to the fact that each wheel has a motor connected to it, which allow the foot to move on its own without support – you will be able to maximally control your stability since there are no Segway’s handle and pole to provide support and to allow the rider steer the board in the direction of his choice.

It is also different to Segway board, which you might not even encounter in 2015 except you are a mall guard or you are in an obnoxious adventurous team, users of hoverboards are increasing on a daily basis. If you want to cover short distances at a slow rate, and you wish to have fun, but there is a possibility of you dragging it home when the battery drain off, then get one.