Searching for Archived Information about Lead Poisoning Lawyers

Lead poisoning commonly happens to children who have in one way or the other lived in poor apartment structures, thereby exposing them to lead. In the past, paint made from lead pigment was used for designing buildings in the U.S. Inhalation of lead poisoning through the lead-contaminated dust regularly occurs. For example, kids will consume pieces of lead-based paints. A blood test carried out by a doctor is what determines if your blood has been contaminated with lead. If your kid blood has been contaminated with lead, contact lead poisoning lawyers with immediate effect.

A decree was passed in 1960 banning the use of lead-based paint in New York City. The law also directs all propriety owners at all times to take off or conceal any lead-based paints in buildings occupied by kids below the age of 7. The landlord will be punished if he/she fails to comply with this directive. If the landlord has violated this law at any point, it might turn out to be a court case to recover money for injuries or damages sustained by kids due to the negligence of the landlord.

An example is the case of a small boy named “Jaden” (not his original name) who hails from the Bronx, whose mother took to meet a doctor because of his slow growth rate. He only started to speak when he was about 5 years old. Anytime Jaden utters a word, his words were incoherent and incomprehensible. He was a recluse with extreme timidity. When at home, he showed signs of aggression and brutality towards his siblings.

There are some instances in a court case dealing with lead poisoning issues in which the legal representatives for landlords might try to divert the attention of the judges by pointing out to other things which cause the kid to grow at a slow rate like genetic disorder caused by autism or drug/alcohol abuse taken by the mother when she was pregnant. This is where Medical professionals come in and they have an important decision to take. If your kid is a victim of lead poisoning and you want to hire lead poisoning lawyers, endeavor to select a law firm with the required resources to hire professionals and conduct a comprehensive and thorough investigation of the case.