QuGenix Ingredients – Carrying Out an SEO Audit

The QuGenix RX age-defying cream and eye serum are entirely made up of natural ingredients which have undergone clinical research and found not to have any side-effect. Each of these energetic ingredients is useful on their own, but their mixture will produce a potent system to fight against age-defect.


Peptides – This helps to moisturize the skin by increasing your skin’s natural hydration level. They restrict any form of wrinkles by keeping your skin firm and compacted. It will aid in the production of elastin in the cell and combat any form of irritation or swelling. You will get that spotless skin that you desire after few weeks of usage.

Collagen – Collagen which is produced naturally by the skin helps to perform functions relating to repair or healing. The collagen ingredient added boost the repair process of the skin by allowing it to do it on its own and reduces the appearance of creases and folds. There might be cases where premature aging occurs in parts of the body, especially below the eye region. What the collagen does is to prevent the manifestation of premature aging.

Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera natural feature is its ability to calm and soothe something. So, in the skin, it helps to reduce soreness and make you comfortable. It removes all form of rigidity from the skin thereby eliminating some signs of aging like dark spots and circles usually found under the eyes.

Benefits of Using this Cream

Total repair of the skin – This potent formula is made up of active ingredients that boost the growth and production of fresh skin cells.

Decreasing of creases and folds – It removes all forms of wrinkles, folds, aging spots and other aging signs at a fast rate. It is one of the quality creams which will give your face that bright and shining look.

Expand the pores – Lots of inactive skin cells might have accumulated and obstruct the skin pores passage. The cream is effective in this area. A situation in which the pores are blocked and the dust particles can’t leave the surface area of the skin, this cream clears the pores resulting in the discharge of the impurities.