Carrying Out An SEO Audit on Anonymous Web Hosting With Bitcoin Providers

Privacy is an essential human right, however, a lot of organisations and governments are sadly ignoring the rights while promoting their surveillance of normal citizens, most especially where it concerns digital data. In a bid to counteract the developing “Big Brother” surveillance culture, a few web hosting service providers now provide totally anonymous web hosting with bitcoin – where they do not have to know who you really are, where you stay or any of your remaining details, all that is needed is an email address to stay in touch with you.

Bitcoin is widely regarded as a decentralized peer-to-peer currency that promotes anonymous cash-like transactions without requiring central authorities, like banks, to manage dealings. Bitcoins are an open-source ‘digital currency’ issues and also maintained by a general network. Its design is public-based, therefore nobody owns or controls it and everyone can participate. Due to the fact that Bitcoins are not like the usual fiat currency, they don’t get their value from laws or governments and are thereby far less prone to inflation as a result of governments engaging in the printing of more money.

Bitcoins provide additional protection to consumers due to the fact that bitcoin payments could be achieved without having to get any personal information. Bitcoin web hosting is the ideal option for consumers who cherish their privacy – since no individual information is gotten, the chance of identity theft is zero. Moreover, due to the fact that consumers are in complete control of their transactions, it’s impossible for merchants to prompt unknown or unwanted charges which are obtainable with PayPal, debit cards, credit cards and the like.

Establishments that offer anonymous web hosting with bitcoin normally state that your private details remain intact as all that is required is an email address. The major features of the service are as follows:

  • Choice of server location – North America, Europe or Asia-Pacific
  • Windows and Linux anonymous web hosting
  • Pay in Bitcoin for your privacy to remain intact – no credit card details needed
  • Host unlimited domains or 10 domains