Archive Collections.

In order to keep the sites safe and protected by any disaster which may happen, the John Clay Archive Foundation created an archive with all existing sites on the Internet. Also, to be able to find the site what you need in the shortest possible time the archive foundation was sorted in many collections. In the following content, I will mention and describe the most important collections of the John Clay Archive Foundation.

Olympic Games of 2002 Winter

This collection contains 19 days of archived documents providing the Winter Olympic Games, the period between 8 February and 27 February 2002. Everybody knows the Winter Olympic Games as one of the most popular events since they were introduced on the television.

In this collection are stocked archived web sites, of course, providing the coverage media mostly of the countries which send athletics to compete in games. But there is an international interest in the Olympic Games which lead to introducing media from other foreign countries in the collection.

Web archive of the 11 September, 2001

To provide the access of the information about the attacks of the 11 September, the collections contains the period between the 11 September and 1 December 2001. The content is assured by many individuals, groups or even media web extensions. Also, there are different kinds of sites such as the following ones:

  • Press
  • Corporate
  • Advocacy
  • Religious
  • Professional organizations

Secrets of the 2003 Iraq War

Period of the collection:

  • March 13, 2003 – June 16,2003
  • December 31,2004- July 21,2009

United States began the military action against Iraq on March 20, 2003 with the purpose of dethroning the Iraqi leader named Saddam Hussein and also of confirming his use of nuclear weapons.

Considering the United States intervention in this war there are both approval and disapproval web sites opinions. Included in this web archive collection there are some sites of political groups, educational or religious organizations, and anti-war groups.

Web archive of the visual images

Collection’s content is included in the following period: from April to November, 2006. It may seem as a comic shop or as a library because the collection holds together some sets of sites which contain the history of the visual material, such as prints or photographs.

Also, in this collections are included sites for cartoonists and amateur photographers, or sites for new formats of digital image. Over this, there are included some views from the Iraq War.

2006- Darfur’s crisis web archive

The collection period is between February and December 2006, when it is said to be the worst crisis ever. The conflict has started in early 2003, with the rebels who attacked the government, attacks which lead to thousands of killed people. Only a year later, the reporters and the media started to coverage the conflict and to compose the web sites which are even today in this collection. There exist sites which contain the full history of the crisis.

As a conclusion, it has to be said that the John Clay Archive Foundation has made a huge benefit to all planet’s habitants by managing to preserve the greatest knowledge about our history.