About us.

In order to benefit of our software you have several ways to contact us. Feel free to call, e-mail, subscribe to our newsletter or reach Josh Clay Archive at their showroom.

Josh Clay Archive

121 Spiron Blvd., Texas, TX 84399

Phone No: 415-232-4545

Fax: 415-820-0508

Email: archive@joshclay.com

Web: www.joshclay.com

For any additional questions you also able to contact them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, as well as Gmail and Yahoo. All these forms to be contacted mark the fact that Josh Clay Archive is one of the top companies to provide archive features on the World Wide Web, as well the trustiness that our devoted clients gave them.

Josh Clay Archive Headquarters and Account Plans

The business disposes of two main headquarters: The Management Branch and the Physical Archive Headquarter. For any related question you can reach any of them, and they will take you to the right location in order to complete all your requests.

As you read on their Home page, you are able to see the desired statistics of your websites based on the statute of your account. The available plans to be chosen on Josh Clay Archive are:

  • Basic Plan
  • $0.00/month
  • Business Plan
  • $5.99/month
  • Corporation Plan
  • $12.99/month

Depending on your strategy, you will choose the plan that best suits you. If you don’t know what your best option is, you can contact us at the provided phone number or you can chat with one of their specialists right on the www.joshclay.com site.