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Wheatear you are searching for your website history, or you had had a website and now you lost it and you are looking for it, you landed on the right page. At Josh Clay Archive you are able to search for your site and we will provide you the entire history of it, as well as other important details that may concern you.


As well as on other top Web Archive sites, we have the opportunity of giving you even more detailed information about your site, but all this at a very low price. You can become a Premium User by choosing the Business Plan for your account at the price of only $5.99/month.

For the Basic User, that is free to search on our platform for any desired website, we are able to confer him the following stats:

  • Date of creation
  • Active/closed state
  • Number of pages
  • Screenshot archive
  • Views / day


Not pleased with these stats? You are always capable of upgrading your account to Premium User and with this statute you are able to get the following information, in addition to the ones include in the Basic Plan:

  • Google Page Rank
  • Page Authority
  • Domain Authority
  • Domain Validity
  • External Backlinks
  • Referring Domains
  • Domain Age
  • EDU Backlinks
  • PR Quality
  • Global Rank
  • GOV Backlinks
  • Alexa USA Rank

This is the perfect place to create a Premium Account if you are starting your own web business. With the information provided by Josh Clay Archive you are able to better manage your webpage ranking, achieve a higher SEO score and get more daily visitors on your domain. Update now to our Business Plan and start making money from your page.


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Also, in order to keep their clients experience at a top level, joshclay.com provides to all their users some very useful tools for them to use in the affiliate niche, tools like:

  1. Webmaster 404 Handler’s
  2. Checker for WordPress Broken Links
  3. Josh Clay Archive API

You are free to download these tools from their official sites whenever you want and you are also free to use them for any purposes, excluding the referral to them on commercial platform products. Starting from this month, you and all the clients that visits Josh Clay Archive website, are able to enrich the WWW archive with the option of creating a screenshot of any desired in its current format.

This option may help you later manage and follow the important updates of your business, and thus, you can be able to maximize your profit gained from your domain. Don’t hesitate and try their online software!


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